Prof. C.K. Prahalad Centre for Emerging India focuses on consultancy, research and training in the areas of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship enhancing engagement, involvement, and benefits for bottom of the socio-economic pyramid (BoP) Segment. The Centre primarily works towards addressing the current gaps between idea-generation and scaling-up so as to promote viable business opportunities. Listed below are thematic research areas of interest at the Centre. Centre invites expression of interest to design and implement action and policy oriented research from corporates, corporate bodies, international organisations, governments and individuals.
The work in this area relates to insurance issues that affect the poor and low-income families. The intern will assist in all aspects of work including research, qualitative and quantitative analysis, data collection and management. The main objective is to develop an understanding of various insurance policies of states, insurance products of companies that affect the poor.
Housing Policy:
The work in this area would need interns to work with state departments, local builders and other accreditation agencies to improve the effectiveness of low-income housing programmes. The housing intern will need to perform in-depth analyses of research reports and analyse data on relevant policy issues.
Rural Marketing:
The work in this area relates to understanding issues of rural marketing. The work would involve travel within India as per project requirements.
Social Entrepreneurship:
The intern will help in in-depth analyses of research reports and programme data on relevant policy issues of micro and social entrepreneurship. One of the important objective is to build a relevant database of various activities involving micro and social entrepreneurs in the country.